Our insurance company advisers in NZ will ensure that your life,business,personal and trauma insurance cover is appropriately structured, based on your circumstances and aimed at protecting you and your family

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Life Insurance
If you have a family, a business, a home and mortgage and/or any other financial commitments, then a life insurance policy that fulfils those obligations in the event of your death is vital. Fundmaster have a significant background in this with our experienced qualified advisers available to sit down and take a deep dive into your liabilities and, in assessing your situation, recommend suitable life cover based on a whole raft of relevant factors.
Income Protection Insurance
Business owners and employees must ensure that they have a contingent plan in place in case of a medical or other life crisis. A tailored Income Protection insurance policy will assist you to successfully negotiate the stormy waters you and your family could be tossed into if you are taken out of the loop and your income is compromised. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee our expert financial advisers can help you to structure an Income Protection insurance policy that’s right for you augmenting your ACC cover and giving you peace of mind.
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Medical Insurance
When disaster strikes and an unforeseen illness attacks, potentially taking you away from your work, business or family obligations, your medical insurance policy will be pivotal. Medical insurance cover will make sure you and your family are not financially compromised and able to enjoy the benefits of the best medical treatment you or they deserve. Talk to our specialist team of insurance advisers about your options in securing the medical insurance cover that is going to sustain you and your family through difficult times.

Why Choose Us

We, at Fundmaster understand how precious is your family, home, or business to you, so our qualified advisers suggest the best insurance cover. After assessing your life situations as well as liabilities, the advisers recommend a cover that suits your specific needs.

7 ways insurance can secure your future
Life is full of uncertainties and to cope up with any untoward situation, insurance cover seems to be a need of the hour. Learn how an insurance cover can secure your future.

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A big shout out to Dev, James and Farea and the whole team working behind the scene who really guided us at each and every step of this journey from the day we envisioned of buying a house to the day we moved in, making the whole experience seamless.
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Supreet Singh

Home Owner

Fund master team are very knowledgeable and professional. They did refinance for my home loan which I was getting high interest rate before and now I got low interest rate. I asked many brokers but only provide me higher interest rate from banks. I am appreciated your work for find good interest rate which I was finding from my existing broker. Hope your team get more success in future.
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Sandeep Singh

Mortgage refinance

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