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We make the complex home loan process simple in Auckland,NZ which saves your time. Our advisers show you the right path by carefully listening to your specific needs thereby, helping you find the best deals.

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Based on your buying journey, our Home loan advisers in New Zealand can identify the best home loan solution for your needs.

First stage: Thinking & Planning to buy

The first stage of home buying is pondering on the question “to buy or not to”. Setting property buying goals can help clear any doubts concerning buying.

Perhaps, decisions can be taken by knowing your affordability based on which you can search for home loans and make future plans.

Second stage: Finding & Researching

Once you decide to buy, determine types of ownership to choose, get a pre-approved loan and conduct property research to avoid potential risks.

In case of any confusions or obligations, please feel free to take our free consultation offered by experienced advisers.

Third stage: Property Settlement & Moving-in

Moving in require you to undertake pre-settlement inspection, carry out paperwork, and finally closing the deal.

You can always consult our mortgage broker who can further assist in carrying out the move-in without any hassle by offering best home loan solution.

The Process

Before you get the keys of your new nest, a wide array of processes is conducted. If you have no idea of buying processes, seek our assistance as we can convert complex buying easier for you.

Meeting the adviser

Let us take a quick glance of what is the process of buying a home. First, you meet a mortgage adviser and get an assessment done to see how much you can borrow.

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Then, you work towards a pre-approval. Your credit score might be taken in considertion.
after a pre-approval is done, you search for a property in your price bracket.


sale & purchase agreement

Once you find a suitable property, you put an offer on a Sale and Purchase Agreement subject to conditions.

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unconditional contact

After these conditions are satisfied by the bank, through us, the contract is made unconditional. This may take 5-10 working days


Settlement date

you put a settlement date on the Sale and Purchase Agreement but before the date arrives, you meet with us to seek the best possible mortgage structure so your loans are paid off faster

Considerations to follow before you buy

Before buying, you can assess and research on options suitable to you. Be it deciding on how much deposits to save or total amount to repay a loan. Our calculators and blogs will guide you in making informed decision.
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Get a Pre-Approval & buy with confidence

We have sound knowledge about the consideration involved in a pre-approval. Our experienced mortgage brokers help you in reducing both time and effort that is required to get a pre-approval.

Home loan solution at your doorstep

Finding the right kind of mortgage is no easy task. Home buyers require professional guidance to strike the best deal. Consult us as our team of advisors offers the best home loan solution.
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We have been in business for the last 10 years and have helped thousands of customers over time. Check out some of these happy experiences of our customers

A big shout out to Dev, James and Farea and the whole team working behind the scene who really guided us at each and every step of this journey from the day we envisioned of buying a house to the day we moved in, making the whole experience seamless.
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Supreet Singh

Home Owner

Fund master team are very knowledgeable and professional. They did refinance for my home loan which I was getting high interest rate before and now I got low interest rate. I asked many brokers but only provide me higher interest rate from banks. I am appreciated your work for find good interest rate which I was finding from my existing broker. Hope your team get more success in future.
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Sandeep Singh

Mortgage refinance

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